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WWII U.S. M-1 Helmet, 5th Division Painted… NAMED!!


WWII U.S. M-1 Helmet, 5th Infantry Division Painted… NAMED!!

This helmet has a beautiful salty look to it.  Has the original 5th Infantry Division insignia painted on the front but it has been scratched off but there is still remnants of the original red paint around the edges of the diamond.  Has a Laundry Number  T-5984 painted on the inside of the helmet pot and written faintly on the web chinstraps.

This helmet (Heat Lot # 1071D = October 1944)  is one of the more rare “Front Seam” McCord manufactured helmet shells with the late war steel rim that was only manufactured during the month of October, 1944… In November 1944 further changes were incorporated and the seam of the rim was relocated at the back of the helmet.

This is a fantastic helmet with wonderful research potential and history!

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